Carrying a Giant Panda: A glorious 120kg luggage allowance.

It was like music to my ears. 30kg of INCLUDED luggage per person. No shuffling of (packed) smalls at the gate to balance out the paltry 15kg budget add on. An abundance of FULL SIZED toiletries to give me the best chance of looking and smelling delicious. A CHOICE of evening attire… shall I go for the floaty maxi with heels or the more preppy linen midi with flats?

And as I was discussing such luxury with my husband, the incomprehensible came out of my mouth: “hun, shall we just travel on hand luggage?”

You see, amid my internal joy of having the included luggage capacity that weighs approximately the same as a giant panda, several thoughts occurred to me:

1. I haven’t actually got that many clothes. Unless I want to spend the holiday looking like a secondary school English teacher (nb.that is in reference to my large working wardrobe and not my weekend fashion aspirations).

2. As aforementioned, if we took the maximum capacity allowed then it would be equivalent to travelling to five separate destinations carrying the equivalent of a giant panda (or two household washing machines).

3. I have travelled fairly extensively, and have yet to find a country that does not have any clothes washing facilities. Yes that does mean doing the washing on holiday, but that seems like a far easier option than carrying a panda (particularly on the boat to the island).

Despite this act of lunacy; I felt strangely more relaxed, knowing that we will be travelling light. I felt thankful that our slightly older children have now alleviated the need to travel like a pack horse. I admit, I don’t think that I would fare so well with capsule cold weather packing, but for the moment I feel liberated from luggage. That will be until I realise that I have forgotten something.

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