Three days to go. Why Malaysia?

Europe and the US are ridiculously expensive on the ‘Great’ British Pound at the moment, so we just started looking a little further east. Cue the in depth meteorological research and we actually zoomed in on Southern Malaysia pretty quickly. Combined with a trip to a Malaysian Island, a few days in Singapore and a stopover in Dubai, the holiday road for The Griffalo Trail was paved. And all for less than a two week all inclusive on the Costa del Sol.

Yes, it does take a ridiculous amount of planning, but those who know me would agree that I thrive in planning itineraries. Scouring potential Airbnbs, sending Facebook messages to random firefly farms and trying to work out why the bus we booked is a quarter of the price of all of the others (it has no toilet in case you were wondering) is all part of the fun. It won’t go all to plan, but that is what adds to the fabric of your holiday memoirs. NB. I will have to repeat the penultimate line as my mantra when we are stranded somewhere with two arguing kids, a random stray dog and a belly that hasn’t quite got used to the rich diversity of the Asian cuisine…

Johor Bahru

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