The Griffalo top ten travel essentials

Ok, so whilst I am biding time waiting for my holiday, I thought that I would share with you my top ten family travel essentials. By no means am I teaching you to suck eggs, but I have picked up many an extra trip from fellow travel enthusiasts with younger children. All mentioned items are from my personal experience; I am not affiliated with any companies.

1. A travel towel. Their absorbency have improved in leaps and bounds over the last decade, and they are such a space saver. Not only that, but on the plane they can double up as an extra blanket or pillow.

2. Wet wipes. Even though my kids aren’t babies or toddlers anymore, these still have so many practical uses from wiping surfaces to stepping in in the absence of loo roll.

3. A decent quality eye mask, set of ear plugs and neck support for flying. The eye mask is also a godsend for early sunrises and poorly shaded accommodation.

4. Vacuum bags. Particularly good for underwear and dirty washing.

5. Packing cubes. An oldie but goodie.

6. At least two pens if you are travelling somewhere where you need to fill out customs and immigration declarations for the whole family.

7. A couple of carrier bags- mostly to use a a rubbish bin on the aeroplane if that is how you are travelling.

8. Socks or slippers for the plane. This is only if your kids would be travelling in sandals or flip flops. The kids inevitably want to take their shoes off during the flight and then end up wandering around bare foot…including into the toilets 🤢

9. Hand sanitizer. No substitute for good old soap and water,but a useful bit of kit in the fight against all of the gross germs that I try to avoid thinking too much about during transit.

10. Ordering parcels to meet you at your destination. Not actually a packing item, but great for nappies and toiletries etc. Most hotels (and other types of accommodation) are happy to take in multiple parcels for you, providing that you drop them a courtesy email a couple of days beforehand.

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