Day 5: Meat and manicures

Elsie and I went to get our nails done this morning; Asia really is the home of all things cosmetic-I’ve never seen such a vast array of colours and designs to choose from. Our nails were done fantastically well for a fraction of the price I would pay back at home; Elsie was a bit put out that she couldn’t have giant fake nails with unicorn designs..

The mall was still eerily quiet as it is still in the process of a ‘soft opening.’ I found it weird how they cluster together similar shops: the nail salon was one of three next door to each other, opposite three hairdressers; ghostly quiet with bored employees flicking through their iPhones. In its frantic rush to build, Johor has yet the people to fill what looks like trophy complexes in full coastline view of their richer neighbours, whose business they are desperate to entice.

Today’s best event was a buffet dinner at the Hilton Doubletree, before which we had pre dinner drinks at the least Irish Irish bar that I have ever frequented (I know we are in Asia not Ireland, but I’ve pretty much drank in Irish bars all over the world and they’ve at least hung an Irish flag or had a token bored-looking Irish bar steward).

The buffet was amazing, it reminded me of a Cayman brunch (sans bottomless cava and pork). Rhodri was in his element as the theme was meat: curries, Malay specialities, Kobe beef, lamb, Chinese dishes. It was all delicious, and at eighteen pounds per adult and half for the kids, whilst expensive for Malaysia it was fantastic value overall. We came home with full bellies and heavy eyelids.

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