Day 10: Pints and orchids

With only two full days to spend in Singapore, and with one of those pretty much dedicated to the zoo, we knew that we would have a busy itinerary. Our first stop was Chinatown (we mainly used the highly efficient and reasonably priced public transport system to navigate): this was a great place to wander around soaking in the atmosphere and architecture. There were lots of restaurants, market and food stalls with a friendly and vibrant feel to the place, not to mention an extreme variety of food offerings for sale (steamed chicken heads anybody?!).

Street mural in Chinatown.

Our next stop was to the famous Gardens by the Bay. Our preferred option of the two indoor garden domes (cloud forest) was closed for maintenance, so we went to the flower dome. The air conditioning alone was worth the £35 entrance fee, although to be fair it was pretty spectacular, with themed areas that included ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and a display of orchids, the national flower. It made for an enjoyable, cool hour or so, with plenty of fun photo opportunities and not too much crowding.

Following this we had lunch at the mall food court, having battled the masses to procure a table. Having got a bowl of noodles to share, I then proceeded to try to dish them into smaller bowls for the kids. No chance, the noodles are never ending. Without a knife to be seen, the only way to go is to follow the example of the locals and to pretty much stick your face in the bowl and hoof it in.

After a bit of respite back at the flat, we went to Clarke Quay in the early evening. It was lively and buzzing, with a good array of bars and restaurants, live music, and of course that all important ‘happy hour’ -the only time when the cost of a pint was low enough to justify drinking it without guilt. How an offer of the day can be a burger and a pint for £15 I don’t quite know: unless you are earning the Singaporean Dollar, dining out can be an expensive pursuit if you eat outside of hawker centres. Nonetheless starved we have not 😂 and we managed to pack even more into one day than I though we would, I feel fairly well acquainted with Singapore now, at least from a tourist point of view.

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